Transit directions, faster

[ watch the video to see Directly in action ]

Directly helps you navigate your local public transit system faster than ever! It's like a speed-dial for directions, and it integrates with your favourite mapping app to get you transit, driving, walking, or cycling directions without having to type in addresses, navigate your contacts, or drop pins. It's just one tap to open the app, and one to get directions.

Create Locations

Make shortcuts for all the places you go regularly; Work, school, friends, family, and around town.

Locations can be made by importing the address from a contact, or by entering the address manually. The location's image can be set from your photo library, Google Streetview, or the contact's photo.

Once a Location is set up, simply tap to load directions to there from wherever you are. That's all there is to it!

Choose your mode of transport

Rather than re-invent the wheel, Directly shows you directions using your favourite mapping app. Currently, we support Google Maps, The Transit App, and Apple Maps.

Directly works best with Google Maps, which supports walking, cycling, transit and driving directions. You can use The Transit App, if you just need transit directions, or Apple Maps if you only use driving or walking directions.

Built by transit riders, for transit riders

Directly is all about helping you get bus times, train times, and route information as quickly as possible. Having directions just a tap away makes all the difference when you're getting around using public transit. We know, because we ride transit every day.

Directly is a free download on the iOS App Store. The free version is fully functional with up to 3 Locations per page. The Directly Pro upgrade can be purchased within the app to allow as many Locations as you need.